Residency & Golden Visa Program of Spain

Time to citizenship

2 - 3 months

Minimum Investment


Type of investment

Real Estate

Visa free Countries

Schengen countries

Overview of Spain

Spain, the second-largest nation in the European Union and the fourth-largest economy, is renowned for its culinary delights, tourist attractions, and favorable climate. Beyond its well-known attributes, Spain holds international prominence in various sectors including construction, transportation, logistics, renewable energies, agriculture and food, banking, and fashion.

Distinguished as the country with the highest number of biosphere reserves globally, Spain boasts an abundance of sunlight, ranking as the EU’s sunniest member state. This, coupled with optimal conditions for harnessing wind and water power, positions Spain as the third European nation with the most significant capacity for renewable energy generation.

Spain proudly hosts the third-highest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage monuments and sites. Furthermore, it stands among the top five nations globally for foreign residents seeking an ideal place to live and work, emphasizing its respect for diverse sexual orientations, religions, and cultures.








Total Area

505,990 km2






Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy


Population (2024)


Residency & Golden Visa Program of Spain

The Spanish government introduced its golden visa program in 2013 to stimulate the country’s economy. Foreign investors can secure residency for themselves and their families by investing €500,000 in real estate, which can be utilized for rental income. Initially, the Spanish residency permit is granted for two years and can be subsequently renewed for five years. Notably, there is no obligation for golden visa holders to reside in Spain, and all family members gain the privilege to travel freely within the Schengen zone without additional visa requirements.

The renewal process for the residency permit is conveniently conducted online from anywhere in the world. After five years, holders of the golden visa can apply for permanent residency, contingent on residing in Spain for at least six months each year. Furthermore, citizenship can be pursued after 10 years of holding the golden visa.


Which Family Members Can Be Added in the Same Spain Golden Visa Application?

  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Adult children over the age of 18 (must be financially dependent)
  • Parents (must be financially dependent)

Benefits of Spain Residency & Golden Visa

The main benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa are certainly the speed at which a residence permit is issued and the comparatively low processing costs and renewal fees. Many investors prefer the choice of real estate options that can be purchased in Spain, with no restrictions other than the minimum investment limit.

  • Visa-free access to all Schengen countries
  • Flexibility to maintain residency without the need to reside in the country
  • Opportunity for legal family dependents to obtain residency permits
  • Investors and their dependents can live, work, and study in Spain
  • Eligibility to apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years
  • Attractive real estate investments with potential rental returns
spain golden visa

Spain Real Estate Investment

With this investment option, non-EU investors can purchase a commercial or residential property in any government-approved real estate projects at a minimum cost of €500,000. The applicant must retain ownership of the property to qualify for Spain residency permit renewal.

The investor can choose to reside in the property or lease it to generate rental returns on the investment. Once the applicant acquires permanent residency or citizenship, residency permit renewals become unnecessary, and the property can be sold.

Spain Golden Visa Cost

Real Estate Investment


Family Application Fee


Government Processing Fee


Conveyance Fees

1.0% of the total property price

spain golden visa

How to Qualify for the Spain Golden Visa?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply
  • Must have no criminal record in Spain or any country previously resided in
  • Investors must provide detailed bank statements showing financial resources to support residency in Spain
  • All family members must have health insurance from an authorized provider in Spain for the duration of their stay in the country
  • No prior visa rejection or rejection of entry to any EU country should be on record

Spain Citizenship and Passport

Citizens of Spain enjoy numerous benefits and enticing perks, making the Spanish passport one of the most valuable globally. The Spanish passport ranks as the 3rd strongest passport, providing visa-free travel to 194 countries. To qualify for Spanish citizenship and a passport, applicants must spend at least six months in the country annually for a minimum of ten years.

spain passport

Reach us to learn all about Spain Program, Application Details and Visa-Free Countries

Over the past few years, the Spanish government has been successful in expanding its list of visa-free countries.

FAQ’s About Residency & Golden Visa Programs of Spain

How do I get a Golden Visa for Spain?

Applicants for Spain Golden Visas are required to invest in real estate, and the property can be rented to generate income.

How can I get Spain citizenship through investment?

To be eligible for Spanish citizenship and a passport, applicants must spend a minimum of six months each year in the country for a period of at least ten years.

Can I get residency in Spain if I buy a house?

Yes, if you are prepared to invest in real estate valued at €500,000 or more, you can apply for a Golden Visa in Spain, which grants you residency in the country.

Can I buy more than one property for a Spain investment visa?

Yes. The reference to real estate assets made by the law does not mean only one property and not only one type of property. In any case, the investment has to be carried out before requesting the visa.

How much do I need to invest in Spain to get residency?

To obtain residency in Spain, investors are required to purchase a commercial or residential property in any government-approved real estate project, with a minimum value of €500,000.

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