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Who we are

Citizenship Network, established as a reputable Government Agency in 2016, holds a valid license. Specializing in global citizenship acquisition, our mission is to facilitate a seamless process for our clients in obtaining citizenship.

We possess comprehensive knowledge of the specific procedures required in each country, ensuring a swift and favorable outcome. Our track record includes the successful processing of numerous global passports through investment applications.

About Us

What do we do?

At Citizenship Network, we have fostered strong collaborations with local authorities worldwide and cultivated an extensive network of business clients and professionals on a global scale.

Our innovative approach is dedicated to serving customers from diverse corners of the world, with a commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for all our clients.


Why us?

We provide our services with a money-back guarantee, indicating a commitment to refunding the customer’s money if satisfaction is not achieved. Since its establishment in 2016, Citizenship Network has successfully processed over 1,800 applications.

Our team at Citizenship Network consists of seasoned experts in international consulting and global business. Be assured that we guide our customers step by step, ensuring their needs are met until they receive their new passports.

Citizenship Network is a Government Authorized Agent since 2016

We are one of the very few companies that are licensed by all the countries that offer Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Eastern Caribbean Region.

Our Locations Worldwide

Our headquarter is based in the Europe, while we operate globally and have different offices and partnerships across continents including Türkiye and Dubai.

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Citizenship by Investment

Our Mission

We collaborate with governments to assist our clients in obtaining Citizenship by Investment, granting them the freedom to travel without border limitations.

As an authorized agency and service specialists, we generate exceptional value for our clients through a highly secure, reliable, and transparent process. Our specialized advisors guarantee a seamless and convenient experience.

Our Vision

Striving to become a worldwide leader in the Citizenship by Investment and Golden Visa Industry, we aim to provide comprehensive consultancy services.

Our focus is on assisting families in optimizing their investments, creating safer living conditions, and offering relief from political instabilities and nationality discrimination. Additionally, we empower our clients with mobility, granting them the right to relocate and reside in a country of their choosing.

Citizenship by Investment Mission

Our Values

Respect for Individual

We uphold the core values of Citizenship Network by placing a high regard on diversity and recognizing the unique contributions of each individual. Our commitment involves fostering an open environment where every person is treated with respect.


We adhere to the principles of ethics and honesty in all our actions, maintaining complete transparency with our clients to uphold openness and confidentiality.

Client Value Creation

Facilitating clients in obtaining their new citizenship, we aim to establish enduring relationships by remaining responsive and attuned to any post-service needs. At Citizenship Network, our clients seamlessly become an integral part of our extended family.

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Why do our clients choose us ?

We are highly transparent and comply with all regulations to provide the best service for our clients.