Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Program

Time to citizenship

3 - 4 months

Minimum Investment

US $230,000

Type of investment

Donation - Real Estate

Visa free Countries

152 Including Schengen and UK

Overview of Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda, located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, comprises two islands and is home to more than 90,000 residents spread across 442 square kilometers. While Antigua is categorized as a developing nation due to its modest economic standing, it captivates visitors globally with its verdant hills, stunning coastlines, dense rainforests, and an impressive array of over 365 beaches. Thanks to its vibrant tourism sector, Antigua is notably recognized as a member of the United Nations and various other international bodies.






Eastern Caribbean Dollar


Total Area

440 km2



St John’s



Parliamentary Democracy


Population (2024)


Citizenship by Investment Program of Antigua & Barbuda

In Antigua and Barbuda, acquiring citizenship through investment is possible. The Citizenship by Investment Unit serves as the official body responsible for handling all citizenship application processes. Launched in 2013, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program focuses on public sector initiatives and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. This initiative enables foreign investors to secure permanent citizenship.

As investment programs gain traction, Antigua and Barbuda has emerged as one of the rapidly expanding initiatives in the Caribbean region.

Notice: Individuals who are ineligible to apply for Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship program based on their country of origin may be exempt from this restriction if they reside in any nation not listed among the restricted countries.

Citizenship Options Available in Antigua & Barbuda

  • Option 1: Investing in Real Estate within a Government-Endorsed Project
  • Option 2: Contribution to the National Development Fund
  • Option 3: Investing in a Business Enterprise
  • Option 4: Investing in the University of the West Indies (UWI) Fund

Benefits of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda’s international airport links to other Caribbean countries, which makes it easier for people who want to visit the country. To become a citizen of this country, you don’t need to understand the language or spend much time in Antigua and Barbuda. You just need to stay in the country five times in five years after acquiring citizenship.

Here are the privileges international citizens of Antigua & Barbuda have:

  • Visa-free access to over 150 countries and territories, including Schengen zone & UK
  • Allows dual citizenship
  • Permanent residency status
  • Citizenship is inheritable by new-born
  • Easier access to the US & Canada
  • No imposed taxes on non-residents
  • Quick Process – 4 to 6 months to Antigua citizenship

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Options

Antigua and Barbuda
Option 1: The National Development Fund (Donation)

The National Development Fund (NDF) operates as a non-profit entity, governed by parliamentary supervision. Its legal framework is established under Section 42 (2) of the Finance Administration Act of 2006.

This section facilitates the financing of government-backed initiatives, including public-private partnerships and sanctioned philanthropic investments.

Minimum Investment

US $230,000 for single applicant
US $260,000 for family of 4 persons

Due Diligence Fees

US $7,500 per applicant

Government Fees

US $250

Option 2 : Real Estate Investment

The Antigua and Barbuda government identifies real estate projects that meet specified criteria to qualify as approved ventures for the Citizenship by Investment Program. Regardless of the number of dependents included in an application, an applicant must meet only the minimum investment requirement.

Multiple applicants can jointly invest in a single real estate property, provided each contributes at least the minimum stipulated investment amount. If opting for the Real Estate Option, the property can be sold after a 5-year period following citizenship approval. Alternatively, if the owner intends to sell before this timeframe, they must acquire another property within an approved project.

Minimum Investment

US $325,000

Due Diligence Fees

US $7,500 per applicant

Government Fees

US $30,000 - Single person or a Family of up to 4 persons
US $15,000 - Each additional person

antigua and barbuda citizenship
antigua and barbuda
Option 3 : University of the West Indies Fund

In May 2020, the government announced a reduction in the contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund for large families. This option is suitable for families of six (6) or more and it entitles one applicant to a one-year scholarship that includes tuition fees at the West Indies University.

Minimum Investment

US $150,000 – Family of 6
US $15,000 – Each Additional Dependent

Due Diligence Fees

US $7,500 per applicant

Government Fees

US $30,000 – Already included in the investment amount

Additional Fees for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

Passport fee

US $300 per applicant

Due diligence for spouse

US $7,500

Due diligence for dependents 18 years old and above

US $4,000 per applicant

Due diligence for dependents between the ages of 12 and 17

US $2,000 per applicant

antigua and barbuda passport

How to Qualify for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship?

  • The primary applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old,
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record,
  • Verification of the source of funds for the investment is mandatory,
  • Dependent children should be under 30 years of age,
  • Dependent parents or grandparents must be over 55 years old,
  • Unmarried siblings who are dependents can also be included,
  • Approval requires undergoing thorough due diligence checks,

How to Apply and Obtain Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship?

Citizenship Network is a certified representative agent recognized by the Citizenship by Investment Unit, entrusted with the responsibility to advocate for and offer comprehensive services related to the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program.

  • Our dedicated team will assist you in gathering, translating, and notarizing the necessary documents, ensuring they meet all requirements set forth by the Antigua and Barbuda government.
  • Upon completion, these documents, along with the requisite due diligence and application fees, will be submitted to the Antigua and Barbuda government for processing.
  • The application process will commence, including the necessary due diligence checks.
  • The documents will be submitted together with the due diligence and Application fees to the government of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Your application will start; due diligence will be performed.
  • Upon receiving preliminary approval, you’ll be notified by the Antigua & Barbuda government to fulfill the remaining investment amount.
  • Once your investment in the selected program is confirmed, you’ll be granted a Certificate of Registration, officially making you a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Subsequently, your designated advisor from Citizenship Network will initiate the application for your Antigua and Barbuda passport, ensuring its delivery to you upon completion.

Contact us to discover comprehensive information, application specifics, and the list of countries offering visa-free travel.

As nations consistently engage in travel negotiations, the roster of visa-free countries for Antigua & Barbuda undergoes frequent updates. Please monitor this website for the latest information and the most recent list of countries offering visa-free access.

FAQ’s Regarding Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship:

Is Antigua and Barbuda safe?

Antigua and Barbuda is considered to be quite safe, and its an attractive destination for vacation.

Are Antigua and Barbuda the same country?

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda is a single island nation in the Caribbean.

Does Antigua allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda allows dual citizenship.

How do I become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda?

Citizenship by investment in Antigua & Barbuda is available through either a non-refundable financial contribution or a real estate investment in an approved project.

How long does it take to get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

It only takes a few months after application to be awarded citizenship by Antigua and Barbuda – between 4 to 6 months.

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