St. Lucia Unveils Innovative National Action Bond in Citizenship by Investment Program

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment
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In the realm of Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, St. Lucia’s relatively new initiative has swiftly gained traction, earning global acclaim for its meticulous due diligence procedures, efficient processing times, and distinctive investment choices under regular scrutiny.

The National Action Bond (NAB) emerges as the latest investment avenue introduced by the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) effective January 1, 2023. This new option replaces the previous Covid-19 Relief Bonds, aligning with St. Lucia’s three existing investment routes.

Distinguishing itself in the Caribbean, this fully refundable government option boasts a fixed cost of $300,000, coupled with a non-refundable government administration fee of $50,000. While the upfront investment surpasses other citizenship routes, the advantage lies in the ease of capital recovery at the end of the maturity period, the security associated with a government-backed investment, and a reduced overall citizenship cost compared to alternative routes. Previous government bond options demanded investments ranging from $250,000 to $500,000, with variable holding periods spanning 5 to 7 years.

Moreover, the St. Lucia CIU has revised the minimum investment for the Real Estate option, lowering it from $300,000 to $200,000. Consequently, potential investors now have four viable routes to St. Lucian citizenship.

  1. A donation to the National Economic Fund (NEF) requiring a minimum investment of $100,000, supporting public initiatives, healthcare, infrastructure, and local projects.
  2. A Real Estate Investment in a government-approved development for a 5-year term, with a minimum investment of $200,000 per application, plus government real estate fees.
  3. The National Action Bond (NAB) with a $300,000 investment, held for 5 years.
  4. An Enterprise project investment necessitating a minimum investment of $3,500,000 in an approved enterprise project within sectors such as agriculture, education, research, and tourism.

Expanding the scope beyond the main applicant’s spouse and children, the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program welcomes eligible parents, grandparents, and siblings up to 30 years old to partake in any of the citizenship routes. To capitalize on the streamlined application process, flexible requirements, and the myriad lifestyle benefits, reach out today to take the next step towards securing your second citizenship.


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