Antigua & Barbuda Recent Programme Changes and Guidance on File Submission

Antigua & Barbuda
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The Citizenship Network is pleased to inform our stakeholders about significant updates and guidance on the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), as detailed in the latest memorandum from Charmaine Donovan, CEO, dated 26th June 2024.

Key Program Changes

A crucial development is the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by five OECS territories, mandating a minimum investment threshold of USD 200,000, effective 30th June 2024. Despite Antigua and Barbuda’s efforts, the necessary parliamentary approval has not been completed by the deadline. However, an extension of 30 days has been secured to finalize this process.

Guidance on File Submission

The Citizenship Network emphasizes the importance of adhering to the updated documentation requirements for application submissions. The minimum documentation, which must be uploaded to the Agents’ Portal for eligibility, includes:

  1. Completed and Signed Forms: Forms AB1 to 5
  2. Identification Documents: Passport biographical page and another government-issued picture ID
  3. Birth Certificates
  4. Valid Visas
  5. Address Verification: Utility bill or lease agreement/documents of title
  6. Income Verification: Employment letter/pay slips or online bank statements for the past 12 months
  7. Income Verification for Self-Employed: Share certificates, financial statements, bank statements, and business status confirmations
  8. Net Worth Confirmation: Bank statements, investment account statements, real estate documents, and business assets documentation
  9. Affidavit of Consent for Minors: Including government-issued picture ID of the parent not on the application
  10. Investment Agreements: For real estate and business investments
  11. Third-Party Fund Remittance: Introductory letter, passport copy, and proof of income for individuals or incorporation documents for entities

Physical Documentation Submission

Following the electronic upload, physical documents must be submitted within 21 days. Required additional documents include:

  1. Certified/apostilled ID copies
  2. Signed passport forms
  3. Bank reference letter
  4. Professional reference letter
  5. Sworn affidavit of support for dependents over 18 years
  6. Recent passport-sized photographs
  7. Full birth record or certified birth certificate
  8. Police certificate with at least three months validity
  9. Certified proof of name change (if applicable)
  10. Marriage certificate or divorce documents
  11. Any additional requested documents for support or explanation

Additional Information and Amendments:

Applications are processed in order of receipt of physical documents and fees. All Licensed Agents and Authorized Representatives must ensure clients meet these requirements to avoid delays.

Proposed Investment Thresholds (Subject to Parliamentary Approval):

  • National Development Fund (NDF): USD 230,000 for a family of 1-4; USD 245,000 for a family of 5 or more
  • University of the West Indies (UWI): USD 300,000
  • Real Estate: USD 325,000
  • Business Investment: No change

Processing fees remain at USD 30,000 for a single applicant up to a family of 4, with a reduction to USD 10,000 for each additional dependent in larger families. For UWI applicants, processing fees are included in the investment amount.

The Citizenship Network is committed to keeping stakeholders informed about these essential updates and ensuring smooth and efficient application processing. We appreciate your cooperation and diligence in meeting these new requirements.

For more information, please contact the Citizenship Network or refer to the detailed memorandum provided by Charmaine Donovan, CEO.


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