Residency Program of United Arab Emirates

Time to residency

2 - 3 months

Minimum Investment

AED 750.000

Type of investment

Real Estate or Investment Fund

Visa free Countries

176 Including Schengen area, UK, and China

Overview of United Arab Emirates

Located in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shares its borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. Formed in December 1971, the UAE emerged as a federation comprising six emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah. Subsequently, Ras Al Khaimah became the seventh emirate to join the federation in 1972. The capital city, Abu Dhabi, situated in the largest and most affluent of the emirates, serves as the administrative center. Since its establishment as a federation, the UAE has undergone rapid development, earning recognition for its modern infrastructure, hosting of international events, and its status as a pivotal hub for trade and transportation.



Arabic & English



UAE Dirham  (AED)


Total Area

83,600 km2



Abu Dhabi



Elective Monarchy


Population (2024)


Residency Programs of United Arab Emirates

Introduced in 2019, the UAE Golden Visa offers foreign talents an opportunity for long-term residency, granting them the ability to reside, work, or pursue studies in the UAE, alongside exclusive privileges. Eligible individuals for this visa include investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, exceptional students and graduates, humanitarian leaders, and frontline heroes.

The UAE is renowned for its robust economy, bolstered by factors such as its strategic positioning, substantial financial reserves, extensive sovereign wealth fund, continual governmental investments in infrastructure, forward-thinking economic strategies, and heightened levels of foreign direct investment (FDI).


Which Family Members Can Be Added in the Same Paraguay Residency Application?

  • Spouse
  • Children regardless of their ages

Benefits of United Arab Emirates Residency

The UAE’s Residency program offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals and investors to live, work, and study in the country with long-term stability and freedom. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, scientist, exceptional student, or a qualified professional, the Golden Visa provides a pathway to establish yourself in the dynamic and thriving Emirati society.Some of the factors that prompt thousands to move their residence to this country each year include:

  • The right to live in any of the seven emirates of the UAE
  • Receive a long-term, renewable residence visa valid for five or ten years
  • Receive an entry visa for six months with multiple entries to proceed with residence issuance
  • Ability to sponsor family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages
  • Free Esaad Privilige Card which provides access to a wide range of discounts across various sectors 
  • No personal income tax, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax
  • Good return from real estate investments
  • Minimal residency requirement
  • No sponsorship requirement
  • UAE golden visa holders are eligible for special health care and health insurance packages

United Arab Emirates Residency by Investment Program

In the ever-evolving investment landscape of the UAE, especially in Dubai, there are numerous enticing opportunities awaiting investors. The real estate sector, renowned for its iconic developments and strong rental market, continues to attract global interest. Dubai’s thriving technology and fintech industries offer significant growth potential. Furthermore, the renewable energy sector is rapidly expanding, driven by the government’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. With its strategic location, investor-friendly policies, and flourishing tourism industry, the UAE remains a highly attractive destination for both local and international investors seeking diverse investment options.

In 2022, the UAE government introduced new requirements for obtaining a Golden Visa through investment, including a reduced investment threshold, freedom from restrictions on stays abroad, and the option to purchase off-plan properties and secure mortgages. These updated regulations became effective in October.

Under the revised guidelines, individuals can obtain a 10-year Golden Visa by investing AED 2 million ($545,000) in UAE real estate. Alternatively, purchasing real estate valued at AED 750,000 ($204,000) qualifies for a 2-year residence visa.

Investment Requirements

Real Estate Investor

AED 2,000,000
(10 year visa)

Real Estate Retired Investor
(If you’re 55 or older)

AED 750,000
(5 year visa)

Real Estate Investor
(If you’re under 55)

AED 750,000
(2 year visa)

Investment Fund Investor

AED 2,000,000
(10 year visa)


How to Qualify for the UAE Residency?

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid passport
  • Applicants must have no criminal record, notarized affidavit confirming laws compliance
  • Applicants must have sufficient funds to make the investment and have documentation to prove that all investment capital is legally sourced
  • Applicants must have a certification of good health from a reputable health care system
  • Applicants must be in possession of adequate health insurance

Citizenship and Passport of UAE

UAE passport can be obtained through various means: descent, naturalization, marriage, or exceptional merit. The latter option, reserved for investors, allows individuals to apply for citizenship after obtaining a 2 or 10 year residence permit by investing a minimum of AED 750,000 in UAE property.

Dubai’s citizenship by exceptional merit program is one of the UAE’s recent initiatives aimed at attracting exceptional talents to the country. Eligible applicants include: Doctors, scientists, innovators, inventors, investors such as individuals who have invested in real estate in the UAE.

uae passport

Reach us to learn all about United Arab Emirates Program, Application Details and Visa-Free Countries

Over the past several years, the United Arab Emirates government has successfully worked on expanding its list of visa-free countries.

FAQ’s About Residency Programs of United Arab Emirates

How to get a residency in the UAE?
There are several ways to get a UAE residency visa; one of the most convenient way is to buy real estate in the country. You’ll need to invest AED 2 million for a 10-year visa.

Is there a physical presence requirement?
Yes, as part of the application procedure, applicants must travel to the UAE to apply for an ID card and undergo a medical examination. However, subsequent to the successful application and the receipt of residency status, the visa remains valid even if the individual resides outside the UAE.
How long does the application take to process?
The processing time for the residence application takes approximately eight weeks.
Which family members can I include in my application?
Applicants may sponsor their family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages as well as an unlimited number of domestic helpers.
Does UAE Golden Visa lead to citizenship?
Yes, if an investor lives in the country for 30 years, they may apply for citizenship by naturalisation. In some cases, it is possible to get UAE citizenship by exceptional merit.

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