Unlocking Exclusive Benefits: The Esaad Privilege Card for Golden Visa Holders in the UAE

UAE Golden Visa
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The Golden Visa program has revolutionized opportunities for residents in the UAE. However, there’s a gem within this program that often goes unnoticed – the Esaad Card. Let’s dive into this exclusive identification card that can be now given for Golden Visa holders as well and explore the benefits it offers.


What is the Esaad Privilege Card?


The Esaad Card is a unique identification card that can be issued to Golden Visa holders in the UAE. It’s not just an identification card but a key to many benefits and privileges. These include access to government services, expedited processing at airports, and discounts on various services and products. The Esaad privilege card is part of a loyalty program launched by the General Directorate of Dubai Police and free-of-charge. It is designed to enhance the quality of life and ensure happiness for its holders.

With the Esaad Card, cardholders gain access to an array of benefits, ranging from expedited government services to streamlined airport processes. Moreover, it unlocks substantial discounts across various sectors including lifestyle, healthcare, fashion, and tourism, among others. This expansive network encompasses over 4,000 companies spanning 92 countries worldwide, ensuring an unparalleled experience for cardholders. As a cardholder, you can enjoy up to 70% worth of discounts across various sectors.


Who Can Obtain an Esaad Card?


Initially reserved for specific categories of UAE citizens, the eligibility criteria expanded last year to include Golden Visa holders in Dubai. Whether you’re a government employee, retiree, or a member of the private sector, the Esaad Card now extends its benefits to you, free of charge. Furthermore, business owners can integrate the Esaad Program within their enterprises, amplifying its reach and impact.

In July 2022, Dubai Police announced that Golden Visa holders in Dubai will now be provided with free Esaad Cards.


Benefits of the Esaad Card for Golden Visa Holders:


  1. Enhanced Global Mobility: Recognized in 92 countries, the Esaad Card complements the international travel privileges granted by the Golden Visa holders, facilitating seamless journeys both within and outside the UAE.


  1. Exclusive Privileges: The Esaad card provides exclusive offers and discounts across various sectors. The card’s benefits are extensive, from dining and hospitality to healthcare and fashion. It’s especially advantageous for families as the privileges extend to immediate family members. The card also offers educational discounts at numerous schools and universities, making it a valuable asset for families with school-going children.


  1. Investment Potential: The Esaad card can be a powerful tool for Golden Visa holders looking to capitalize on business opportunities throughout the UAE. It provides benefits across several sectors, including real estate, which can be particularly useful for those involved in property investment, allowing for maximized returns.


  1. Residential Perks: Elevating the living experience, the Esaad Card opens doors to discounts at retail outlets, complimentary parking, and access to health and fitness services, complementing the UAE’s tax benefits for Golden Visa holders. So, whether you’re an investor, a parent, or simply someone looking to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of the UAE, the Esaad card is an invaluable asset.




In essence, the Esaad Card transcends conventional identification, serving as a gateway to unparalleled benefits and privileges. Whether you’re an investor, a nurturing parent, or an individual seeking an enhanced lifestyle, this card is your ticket to a world of opportunities.

Register now via the official website, and embark on a journey enriched by exclusive benefits and unrivaled convenience. You can also see all offers listed on the official website of the Esaad Program.


How to Get a UAE Golden Visa?


In the ever-evolving investment landscape of the UAE, especially in Dubai, there are numerous enticing opportunities awaiting investors. The real estate sector, renowned for its iconic developments and strong rental market, continues to attract global interest. With its strategic location, investor-friendly policies, and flourishing tourism industry, the UAE remains a highly attractive destination for both local and international investors seeking diverse investment options.

Under the revised guidelines, individuals can obtain a 10-year Golden Visa by investing AED 2 million ($545,000) in UAE real estate. Alternatively, purchasing real estate valued at AED 750,000 ($204,000) qualifies for a 2-year Golden Visa.


  • Real Estate Investor : AED 2,000,000 (10 year visa)
  • Real Estate Retired Investor (If you’re 55 or older): AED 750,000 (5 year visa)
  • Real Estate Investor (If you’re under 55): AED 750,000 (2 year visa)


You can check Cizitenship Network’s UAE Golden Visa page to receive more information.



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