Latvia Golden Visa: Selecting an Appropriate Investment Option

Latvia Golden Visa
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Latvia’s Golden Visa program emerges as a particularly appealing investment migration opportunity. This program is distinguished by its affordability, efficiency, and attractive investment prospects, set against the backdrop of an economy on the path to gradual recovery.

A notable feature of the Latvian Golden Visa is its streamlined and efficient application process. On average, the entire procedure takes approximately three months to complete, which is significantly faster than many other residency-by-investment programs. This expediency is particularly appealing to investors seeking a swift route to EU residency, making the Latvian Golden Visa an optimal choice for those who value time efficiency and streamlined administrative processes.

The program offers four distinct investment options, raising the question of which option is most suitable. There is no straightforward answer, as each investment category aligns with different investors’ preferences, goals, and budgets. Understanding the specifics of each option can provide valuable insights for making an informed decision.

Detailed Examination:

Equity Investment (€50,000 + €10,000 fee)

The equity investment option represents the entry-level investment, necessitating a minimum investment of €50,000 in a Latvian company that contributes at least €40,000 annually in taxes, accompanied by a €10,000 government fee. This high-risk, high-reward option is tailored for investors seeking significant returns through engagement in Latvia’s burgeoning equity market. According to current forecasts, the Latvian equity market is expected to experience an impressive earnings growth of 64% year-over-year, with a Price to Earnings Ratio of 249x as of January 31, 2024. This investment route is particularly well-suited for investors with a robust risk tolerance, who are eager to capitalize on substantial market growth and potentially lucrative returns.

Real Estate Investment (€250,000 + 5% fee)

The real estate investment option necessitates a minimum investment of €250,000 in property, coupled with a one-time government fee equivalent to 5% of the purchase price. With residential property prices in Riga having experienced an 8.42% decline in 2023, averaging €892 per square meter, the current market conditions present an advantageous moment for investors to acquire property at favorable rates. Furthermore, strong rental yields, averaging 7.81% in Riga, offer substantial potential for capital gains through both rental income and property appreciation. The Latvian real estate market, particularly in the capital city, is anticipated to recover and grow, making this investment route appealing for those who favor tangible assets and the long-term stability of property ownership.

Bank Deposit (€280,000 + €25,000 fee)

For investors seeking a passive investment vehicle with substantial returns, the bank deposit option involves depositing €280,000 in a Latvian bank for a period of five years, in addition to a one-time government fee of €25,000. Strategic agreements can yield returns ranging from 7% to 11% on the invested amount, resulting in a potential return on investment (ROI) of €98,000 to €154,000 over the holding period. This option is particularly attractive to investors who prefer a conservative investment approach, focusing on the security and predictability of bank deposits. The Latvian banking sector is well-regulated, offering a range of lucrative deposit schemes that ensure both safety and profitability for investors.

Bond Investment (€250,000 + €38,000 fee)

The bond investment option entails the purchase of special-purpose, interest-free bonds worth €250,000, accompanied by a one-time government fee of €38,000. This low-risk choice is designed for investors prioritizing rapid residency acquisition and investment liquidity over high returns. The bonds are structured to provide a straightforward exit strategy, making them suitable for those who prefer maintaining high liquidity and minimizing investment risk. This option is ideal for investors seeking a stable and uncomplicated pathway to residency, devoid of the complexities and volatilities associated with other investment types.


The Latvian Golden Visa program offers a diverse spectrum of investment options, each endowed with distinct advantages and considerations. The equity investment route offers the prospect of substantial returns for those prepared to navigate market risks, while the real estate option provides a more tangible and potentially lucrative opportunity within a recovering market. The bank deposit option guarantees steady and predictable returns, appealing to conservative investors, and the bond investment option offers a simple and low-risk pathway to residency with high liquidity.

Ultimately, the selection of an investment pathway hinges on the individual investor’s objectives, risk appetite, and financial resources. By meticulously evaluating the specifics of each option, investors can align their choice with their personal preferences and long-term goals, thereby rendering Latvia’s Golden Visa program a versatile and highly attractive gateway to European Union residency.


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